A dental bridge replaces all or part of a missing tooth. Two crowns – one on each abutment – support a tooth-size, replacement tooth called the pontic in the empty space between the two abutments. A dentist will create and fit false teeth to replace any number of missing teeth, depending on your situation.

What to Expect

What is a dental bridge? This part begins by the dentist preparing the two abutment teeth, which will hold the prosthetic piece. After this is completed, a temporary dental bridge is placed in order to hold the required space for the next stage of treatment.

Our bridges are made of high-grade porcelain or porcelain fused into dental-grade metal. They come in several different shapes or "architectures," to create strength and stability. Supported by two, three, four, or six abutments, they are held firmly in place by your natural teeth while securely holding the replacement teeth in position.

After undergoing treatment for removing his or her damaged teeth, you can’t wait to get your new bridge. But, don’t worry - the doctor is almost done creating it!